I do not know if, to use your manner of speech, he loves you; but I know that he will return.

Troy isn't as impatient as Erwin.

She was nowhere in sight.

Do you want us to tell him?

It will have been raining for a week tomorrow.

I work every day but Sunday.

Strictly speaking, they are not the same variety.

Who's taller, Jordan or Anatole?

Wherever this feather lands on the map, that's where I will build my house.

Syria will not return to what it was.

It might be profitable.

Do not be afraid to kill Edward; it is good.

All of us have an interest in history. In a sense, we are all historians.


Make sure you tell her.

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There were fifteen persons injured in the accident.

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When was the last time you authorized your workers to leave early?


I sometimes hear rumors about her.

The difficulties of the Japanese language prevent all but a handful of foreigners from approaching the literature in the original.

It's no use kidding myself.

I give you two permission to do whatever you think is necessary.

Kimmo needed us.


Mosur sprained his ankle, but he's going to be OK.

The traffic has built up here.

Graphene is a substance made from pure carbon


How old is your daughter?


We lost a lot on that job.


The tycoon endowed each son with a million dollars.

I won't wait forever.

Emily flashed her smile at them.

Kate's dad walks home from the bus stop.

Manuel didn't help Kayvan as much as he should have.


No tickets are needed.

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I met Meg in Kyoto last week.

Let me tell you what I did today.

I let them kiss me.

I'm on call today.

My relationship with Tony has lasted twenty-five years now, and I don't know whether to end it next spring or not.

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I can help if you want.


Not knowing what to do, I called my mother for advice.

Pretty soon you will stop thinking of her.

Do you have a license to operate a boat?

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Juri will be here in less than an hour.

We forgot to bring one plate.

What's this supposed to mean?

As we ate dessert, the desire grew to travel in this country.

Everything was as exactly as I had thought it would be.


Every miller draws water to his own mill.

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Excuse me.

The vegetable garden looked bedraggled after being hit by an early frost.

He's probably wrong.

There were risks.

Would you like to go get something to eat?

I suggest you empty the garbage.

I'll sleep on the couch. You can have my bed.

These clothes are finally dry.

Don't even get me started on Matthew.

Can we hold a meeting about this tomorrow?

She once came when my sister was home.

How much for your ass?

Tarmi said I could stay.

I proved him wrong.

It is difficult to talk to him.

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Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons.


I go to work every day by train.

I didn't try to kill Daniele.

I know neither of them.

It is important to maintain backward compatibility with software that was written to run on the former system.

She is ashamed of what she's done.


Valentin should know better than to lend you money.


Is Wade able to drive?

Is it the truth?

These clothes are beautiful, but pricey.

We weren't sure about what you wanted to do.

It made her jealous to see him walking with another girl.

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Sheila is so desperate in her search for a husband - she's decided to have a blind date!


We'll see to it later.


Steve doesn't look happy.

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I didn't go out at all because you told me not to.

Hanging out with him isn't interesting.

Don't pull my leg, tell me the truth.

We give here a list of the usual Esperanto-related questions.

Axel lost her reading glasses.

In the desert we were independent of camels.

How can I get to the nearest post office?

Why don't you just say you don't want to do what they're asking you to do?

Does Herman want to come in?


I told you I was just joking.

Why would that bother me?

Rudolph isn't licensed.

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Mahmoud spoke with me about you.


The summer sun glared down on us.

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I'm blind, not deaf.

I forgot to tell Darin what he was supposed to do.

We trusted him.


It is already five years since we began to study English.

I didn't know who to deliver the package to.

I used to volunteer at the food pantry around the corner.

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His popularity is falling.

Rik is as tall as Jack.

Delete his name from the list of the applicants.

They were unable to prise open the box because it was too rusty.

What's your mother's maiden name?

Just turn around.

Knapper came up with a good plan.

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That's what she told me.

It's an outrage.

He would be tied to a tree, and a monkey, placed behind him, would hit him on the head with a rock.


This is something new.

You'd give up.

Joubert doesn't want to have anything to do with Carter.


You just wouldn't understand.

All the stolen goods were recovered.

I explained the process to him.

As is often the case, she's not here.

I never saw him in jeans.


Vishal asked Olaf whether she liked the plan or not.

Let's forget it.

I enjoy reading.

We are traveling to France by air.

I beg to differ from you on that point.

That's totally understandable.

Nothing is more important in life than health.

Do you know that for a fact?

What do you have to say in your defense?

Cathy has a hot temper.

Ole can't retire.


Opinions vary on this point.


Trains were arriving on time.

I want paper.

The European Space Agency's probe, Schiaparelli, has crashed on Mars.

Don't let Derek say anything.

I remember something.

Matrimony is the attempt of a couple to solve problems they would never have had as singles.

You intimidate us.


I disagree with you.

We weren't given homework.

In spite of the heavy traffic, we arrived on time.


That's the woman about whom I talked.

Mrs. Jones counts sheep every night to go to sleep.

They wouldn't allow me to say anything at the meeting.

Can Bill still be at home?

That's my teacher.

Don't antagonize them.

I've made things worse.


When the house caught fire, an awful feeling came over me.


I like making you mad.

Patricia held onto the rail for support.

I'd like to pay.

I tuck my children into bed every night.

The man gave a big cry.


I've spent my whole life trying to help others.


She accepts the gifts.

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The party was, on the whole, successful.

You should try to be more like James.

I told Rafik not to do this.

I'm hungry so I'm going to make a snack to tide me over until dinner.

What's the name of the highest mountain in that country?